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Astropod May 10th 2023

The Crescent Nebula, also known as NGC 6888 or Caldwell 27, is a stunning celestial object located approximately 5,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. This emission nebula is formed by the powerful stellar winds of the massive Wolf-Rayet star, WR 136, at its center. These winds collide with the previously ejected material from the star, creating a shell-like structure that emits light in various wavelengths, forming the beautiful and intricate appearance of the nebula.

Crescent Nebula | Credit:  Cristiano Gualco
Crescent Nebula | Credit: Cristiano Gualco

Cristiano Gualco, an astrophotographer, has captured an awe-inspiring image of the Crescent Nebula from the surroundings of Genova, Italy. The image showcases the detailed structure and vibrant colors of this fascinating celestial object, while also demonstrating the skills and dedication of Cristiano in capturing the beauty of the night sky.

Gear and equipment used

Cristiano Gualco used the following gear and equipment to capture the image of the Crescent Nebula:

Camera: ZWO Asi294mc
Telescope: Sky-Watcher 200/1000
Mount: Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 PRO
Filters: Optolong L-extreme filter (and RGB stars with UV Ir cut filter)

The combination of this equipment allowed Cristiano to capture the fine details and colors of the Crescent Nebula, bringing out the intricate patterns and structures within the nebula.


The image of the Crescent Nebula was taken in the surroundings of Genova, Italy. The location provided a relatively dark sky, which enabled Cristiano to capture the faint details of the nebula with greater clarity.

Image acquisition details

Cristiano Gualco has not provided the specific details regarding the image acquisition, such as exposure times, dates, or number of frames. However, the quality of the final image demonstrates the careful planning and execution of the image capture process.

Image processing techniques

The image of the Crescent Nebula was processed using PixInsight and Photoshop. By utilizing these advanced image processing tools, Cristiano was able to enhance the fine details, colors, and contrast of the image, resulting in a visually striking representation of the Crescent Nebula.

Significance of the image

The Crescent Nebula is a fascinating celestial object that showcases the complex processes occurring in the life cycle of massive stars. Capturing an image of this nebula requires skill, dedication, and patience, as well as a deep understanding of the various image processing techniques required to bring out the intricate details within the nebula. Cristiano Gualco’s image of the Crescent Nebula is a testament to his passion for astrophotography and his ability to capture the beauty of the cosmos.

Photographer credits

Cristiano Gualco is the talented astrophotographer behind this mesmerizing image of the Crescent Nebula. To see more of Cristiano’s work and follow his astrophotography journey, visit his Astrobin page here.

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